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Poster: Who not WHO Date: Sep 13, 2014 10:13am
Forum: web Subject: Not redirecting to Forum after posting new message

After posting to the Forum, the “” screen is displayed with the message "Post successful. You will be returned to the previous page shortly.", but it just sits there forever and does nothing. Presumably it is supposed to redirect back to the appropriate Forum list.

Running FireFox 32.0.1 on Win8.0
Using several FireFox add-ons including: • Adblock Plus 2.6.4
• Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon 0.9.2
• avast! Online Security, and
• Facebook… 2.1.3,
• Google… 2.4.2, &
• Twitter Disconnect 2.1.2 add-ons, among others.

Also, (related if the cause is Google script being blocked) during ‘Internet Archive’ user account creation, Google's Captcha is used for human verification.
Those blocking Google end up blocking the Captcha as well… there are other/better alternatives to Google's Captcha service (And seeing as Internet Archive is partially funded by Alexa, which is owned by Amazon which is actively competing with Google, an alternative human verification routine would seem appropriate.)